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Harehunting on Ven, 1891, 5 september

On the Island Ven, in the middle of the Sound, between Seden and Denmark, hares were inplanted
1850-1877. The King had the huntingrights until 1917.

Hunting has always been important, during all times. On plenty of the old maps from teh 16th century there is always a hunter, some hares and other animals depicted.

From the middle of the 19th century the royal huntings dominated.

The most glorius hunt was on the 5th of september in 1891. In the huntingjournal it says:
Shot hares: 130, Number of shoots: 400, Number of hunters:28,  Hence the King: 12
Weather: Good, +19 Farenheit. Note: The Russian Tsar.

The swedish king Oscar II, had invited eleven royal guests. The guest of honor wa the russsian Tsar Alexander III. The others were Christian IX of Denmark, King Georg of Greece, the russian heir, later Emperor Nikolaus II, the english prince George, later king George V, the future danish kings Fredrik VIII and Christian X and the greek princes Nikolaus and Konstantin, who also became king
in due time.

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