onsdag 19 september 2012

Sainte Magnhild of Fulltofta

 Saint Magnhild of Fulltofta is one of three female scanian saints

Magnhild was a pious woman who lived in Blenarp, in the middle of Scania ,during the 13th century
She helped the sick, the orphans and the poor.
For som reason her daughter in law, killed her.
When her coffin was transported to the church of Fulltofta, the men who were carrying it, stopped for a pause.
This was at Hästhaga.
A source floated, close to the coffin.

Her coffin was placed on the Fulltofta churchyard until the 18th century when it and the gravestone disappeard.
At her gravestone many wonders and miracles took place and many people came to visit it.
During the 14th century her grave became the nest for players and singers who sung lascivious songs and danses, drank and behaved badly.
Therefore the archbishop of Lund, Magnus Nilsson decided to move her remnants, which were taken to the Cathedral of Lund. Probably they were placed close to her protector Archbishop Anders Sunesens grave.
Magnhild never was canonised but she had saint-like status.

The beautiful little church of Fulltofta was built in the 12th century and inside are modern painted glasswindows by Hugo Gehlin, which presents the life of Magnhild. She is teaching children, taking care of the sick, with a halo and getting killed by an arrow.


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