måndag 25 mars 2013

Happy Easter

                          Eranthis hyemalis

This Easter in Scania will be quite cold, just  23 to 32 degrees fahrenheit, some snow on Good Friday and some sunshine.

This flower on the picture, winter aconite and snowdrops  are the only one I have seen in Helsingborg.

At Easter many children dress like witches and eat a lot of candies.

The Easter Bunny, that originally comes from  Germany are hiding candies in an easter egg

by some families.

The christian influence over this period of laborfree days has diminished.

In the churches, thera are of course, concerts and church services.

During the mediaval times, the churches were decorated with palmleaves.

We often bring in branches of for example willow to decorate our homes.

The custom of painting the eggs, and make the Passover meal more festive, You can find all over Europe. It b popularecame popular in the Nordic countries in the 1700s





måndag 18 mars 2013

The Viking Disease

A disease, very common on Island and in the north of Europe goes under the name of "The viking disease. Officially the name is Dupuytrens contracter and is a contracture of the fingers, often the ringfinger and little finger is bent towards the palm of the hand. 9 out of 10,  who gets thís disease are men, often after 40 years of age. It is inherited and uncurable.

Prince Joakim of Denmark has done an operation, which is one of the ways to handle the disease.
8 % of the Swedes have it, so perhaps they are of Viking origin.