söndag 6 maj 2012

Storytelling Textiles- www.biedesign.dk


A beautiful scarf in 100 % silk, with historical motive. Doesn´t that sound lovely.
Katja Bie, danish designer produce scarves and neckties with runaralphabet from the Jellingestone in Denmark, with patterns from danish castles fro´m the 16th century, with petroglyphs or from the sagas of Hans Christian Andersen.

Visit her webshop or take a trip to Elsinore in Denmark, to the Kronborg castles where You find her in the old defense buildings " Kronvaerkerne". Here You also find other talented artists, but make shure You make a stop at Storytelling Textiles.

At a visit at Kronborg, Prince Charles and Camilla got a necktie and a scarf from Katja Bie.

The picture comes from Biedesigns hemsida