torsdag 23 augusti 2012


Kullaberg, the first part that became free from the ice, after the the glacial period, 15.000 years ago.
The harsh winds swept along the landscape at first.
13.000-12.000 b. c., the cliamte became warmer and there are traces of polarbears. Small birches, later pinetrees grew here. It was like teh mountains in the north, today.

Around 9000 b.c. Man emerges as hunter and fisherman. He was followed by reindeer and wild horses. In the forets there were mooses, a lot of fish in the sea,  birds, roedeers, wild boars.
The first find of humans was here at Kullen.

It was plenty of time, plenty of food, plenty of time and plenty of space- can it get any better?

Kullaberg, as flung out int he foaming waves of Cattegat, is a primary rock, 70 meters of reddish gneiss and a climbers paradise.

A lot of danes come here to climb. Here You can also ride horses, both islandic and haflinger.

You also find a lot of caves, walking paths, golf coarses, rare birds and wiews extending for miles and miles, hotels and cafés

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