tisdag 21 augusti 2012


On Kullaberg, northwestern part of Scania, You can take walk down to the beach and find this work of art   "Nimis"

The artist is Lars Wilks and this is a conseptual work of art, placed in a naturereserve.
It is made by driftwood and consists of sparsely nailed together planks and tree branches forming passageways, rooms and towers. Construction of Nimis began in July 1980 and it was Vilks revenge on the sea after he almost had drowned, but also as a reaction to the trend prevailing in the arts, "nothing was resistant".

It also became the start of a long legal process, it was considered by the authorities as an illegal construction.

This legal process was also considered by the artist as a part of the work of art.

Nimis was sold to the german artist Joseph Boyes, and when he passed away, Jeanne Claude and Christo became owner.

Close to Nimis, Lthe artist has built , the book Arx, in concrete and stone. He also proclamed the area with Nimis and Arx , as the land Landonia.

It its difficult to visit Nimis, it is not a safe tour and several people have been injured, on the way down.

There has also been a lot of protest against this building in a naturereserve.

At the moment the artist is living under protection of the police after a work of art  that is considered as blasphemy by muslim groups

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