torsdag 30 augusti 2012

Taverns in Scania: Röstånga Tavern

Some of the taverns in Scania are from medieval times. The scanian roads were difficult to use, beacause  the soil is full of clay. Most of the transports during this time were doen by using the waterrouts.

In 1650  the government decided that there should be a skjutshåll and tavern each 2 miles.
The farmers had to keep watch 24 hours each. It is a swedish invention and Röstånga tavern is from 1647, it was the mentioned in the churchbooks for the first time. Therefore It is one of the oldest and there were 33 other taverns in Scania.

Close to the tavern You can visit the lake "Oden" and the Natural Park "Söderåsen"
The lake Oden is cirkular and is surrounded by 30 meters high branter.It is 150 meters in diameter and is 19 meters deep.
In the summertime there are concerts here.

Söderåsen is a horst, created for 150 million years ago. Kopparhatten has a fantastic vieuw
over the ridge. It consists of gneiss and granite gneiss.
Man has farmed the land here since the ironage.

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