måndag 12 mars 2012

Kronborg castle in Elsinore

The beautiful renaissance castle Kronborg in Elsinore, seen from the ferry that crosses the Sound "Öresund" between Helsingborg and Elsinore in twenty minutes. This castle was built during the reign of Frederic II of Denmark. He lived here sometimes and often had

feasts with music and actors to entertain. These musicians and actors came from England and lived in Elsinore while they were entertaining at Frederics court.

There is no evidence that Shakespear ever was in Elsinore and it is most likely that he got the information of how the castle looked like from the artists. Perhaps he also read the old history from 5th century about a danish prince Amled in Saxo Grammaticus book about the history of the Danes "Gesta danorum" This year the english actor Joshua McGuire plays Hamlet on the coartyard of Kronborg castle.

The castle is on Unescos world heritage list and every year comes around 200.000 tourists here to visit it.

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