måndag 12 mars 2012

Andrarum and the alummill

In Andrarum , on Österlen in Scania there has been an alummill since 1637. The mill was bought by Christina Piper in 1725 and she made it one of the most prosperous industries in Sweden. She had become a warwidow at the age of 27 and she had five children .Alun was a much sought-after product that had many different uses. First, it was a haemostatic and disinfecting agents, and so it was used as fix colours in the textile industry. It is also used alum in tanneries and to smooth surface on the paper. She had about 900 employees and the alummill produced between 4000 and 5000 barrels of alum a year: about 600 tons. There were no machines all the work were made by the men, women and children The working day began at 4 am with an hour of prayer. In the winter, the working day lasted to 6 or 7 pm. The mill became a state in the state. Rules and laws were made by Christina Piper.On the premisis there was an infirmary, a nursing home and a school. All workers would pay part of their salary to a social fund, The salary paid in half food and half the money, money consisted of notes and coins with the initials CP on. The money was made by Christina Piper and could only be used in the mills area.In the late 19th century, German chemists found out ow to produce alum chemically and the mill was closed down in 1912.

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