måndag 12 mars 2012

Henrik Larsson

In Helsingborg, in Scania, Sweden You find a bronzesculpture of our famous footballplayer Henrik Larsson.

He is placed along the beatiful bordwalk of Helsingborg, In the bakcground You find an old bath from the late 19th century. You also get a glimpse of the lovely road that leads to Kullaberg.

Born in 1971 he is now a footballplayer-manager for Landskrona BoIs. He has played for Feyenoord for four years, then left for Celtic in 1997. He won four league titles in seven years with Celtic, scoring 242 goals in 315 competitive matches. In 2004 he went to Barcelona. LAter he returned to his hometown Helsingborg where he played in HIF

He announced his retirement from football on 20 October 2009

The sculptors name is Björn Elmert

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