måndag 12 mars 2012

A new princesse is born in Sweden

a new princesse was born in Stockholm, Sweden.

Both the mother, crownprincesse Viktoria and the child is well, as the father, Prince Daniel.

The Swedish Monarchy is one of the oldest in the world and its traditions go back 1000 years. The number of regents is over 70.

Crownprincesse Viktorias father, Carl Gústav XVI is the seventh king on the thrown belonging to the family Bernadotte.

When the French marshal Jean Baptiste Bernadotte was elected to the Swedish throne at the Diet of Örebro in August 1810, a new order of succession: one of the Swedish Constitution.
Bernadotte dynasty held the throne of Sweden since 1818th

Prince Daniel comes from an ordinary swedish family and there were some resistence against him marrying the crownprincesse. But they conquered the resistance and the ordinary man got his Princesse in 2010.

Daniel has shown himself most worthy of his assignment and the couple is very popular.

Tomorrow the name of the princesse will be revealed by the grandfather Carl Gustav XVI

at a cabinetmeating.

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