måndag 12 mars 2012

The wonderful adventures of Nils

Once there was a boy. He was--let us say--something like fourteen yearsold; long and loose-jointed and towheaded. He wasn't good for much, thatboy. His chief delight was to eat and sleep; and after that--he likedbest to make mischief.It was a Sunday morning and the boy's parents were getting ready to goto church. The boy sat on the edge of the table, in his shirt sleeves,and thought how lucky it was that both father and mother were goingaway, and the coast would be clear for a couple of hours. "Good! Now Ican take down pop's gun and fire off a shot, without anybody's meddlinginterference," he said to himself.But it was almost as if father should have guessed the boy's thoughts,for just as he was on the threshold--ready to start--he stopped short,and turned toward the boy. "Since you won't come to church with motherand me," he said, "the least you can do, is to read the service at home.Will you promise to do so?" "Yes," said the boy, "that I can do easyenough." And he thought, of course, that he wouldn't read any more thanhe felt like reading."This story is written by Selma Lagerlöf, the first woman to win the Nobleprice in litterture . She was born in Värmland, in the western part of Sweden, but this book for children starts in Scania, south of the highway. Nils, the boy, is transformed into a thumbietot and flies away on a goose, all around Sweden.The first chapters is about his home, his transformation and of the Scanian landscape

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