söndag 23 juni 2013

EUROPA - Ready for Europe

EUROPA - Ready for Europe: EUROPA - Ready for Europe

söndag 9 juni 2013

A royal summerwedding

A lovely royal summerwedding in Stockholm. A sunny, warm day and many swedes had come to Stockholm to see a glimps of princesse Madeleine and her husband Chris O' Neill.

The wedding took place in the "Slottskyrkan" The Castle of Stockholms own church
Children from Adolf Fredriks musicschool sang and carried flowergarlands.

Many guests from the european Royal families and many guests from all over the world, Japan , USA and India

torsdag 6 juni 2013

The National Day and the swedish flag

Today on the National Day in Sweden, we hoist our flag, with the same colours as the Scanian rapefields and the bluer sky. These yellow and blue hues were decided in 1906, after that the consul
Oscar Trapp, from Helsingborg, had visited a museum in Holland and seen an old flag from 1658.
Earlier the hues were darker.

The National Day in Sweden is celebrated because in 1523 Gustav Wasa became king of Sweden.
Before 1983 it was called the Day of the Swedish flag and became a holiday first in 2005.

tisdag 4 juni 2013

Around the Sound

Welcome to Scania and Seeland


Her You can read about different excursions in two countries, Sweden and Denmark