tisdag 2 oktober 2012

Dietrich Buxtehude

Dietrich Buxtehude, the famous organist, worked both in Saint Mary's church on Helsinborg and in Saint Mary's church in Elsinore. The family came originally from Buxtehude, but lived in Oldesloe (today Bad Oldesloe) at the 16th. century, His father first wnet tol Helsingborg, he is written as organsit in Saint Mary's organ in 1641. At this time Dietrich was born
 The family went to Denmark and Elsinore where he was organist  in the Cathedral of Elsinore.
Saint Olai church. They lived in a small , today yellow house, at Saint Anne's Street. While in Elsinore. Dietrich Buxtehude became organist first in Helsingborg from 1657, at the age of twenty to 1660. From 1658 Scania belonged to Sweden and perhaps that 's the reason for him to go back to Elsinore
Saint Mary's church was a german church during this time.
Dietrich Buxtehude waas very popular and became godfather to many children in Elsinore

1668 he went to Lübeck and got the post of organist in the Saint Mary's church.
He had to marry the former organist's daughter to get the post. The couple got seven girls, four of them became adults.

Johann Sebastian Bach walked all the way fro m Lüneburger Heide to Lübevck , just to listen to Dietrich Buxtehude playing the organ.

Dietrich Buxtehude died 1707 and was buried in Marienkirche (Saint Mary's church) in Lübeck.