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The battle of Svolder

On 9 September, year 1000 the Battle of Svolder took place somewhere in the Baltic Sea. Adam van Bremen felt that it was near the island of Ven in the Öresund, Snorre Sturlasson and Saxo Grammaticus near Rügen.

The date, is of course not certain, but when I found it , I thought it was suitable to write about the battle today

The most famous description is in the "Heimskringla" of Snorri Sturlasson.
and you can find it if you search for Tacitus on Internet

It was Sven Forkbeard, son of Harald Bluetooth, Olof Skötkonung , the son of Erik Victorious, Eirik's son, Earl of Lade who fought Olavi Tryggvasson, king of Norway 995-1000.

Ormen Lange was named Olaf's ship, and it is described like this in the Heimskringla:

"The winter after King Olaf's return from Halogaland he had to travel a large ship in Ladhamrarna, much larger than any other ship, which at that time were in the country, one can still see it that the back riser is left. There was grass added, was seventy-four cubits long. Tribal Blacksmith of the ship was Torberg Skavhugg, but many others were used there, some dropping, some to carve, some beating seam, others to bring wood. Everything was done in the most caring way and the ship was both long and wide and wide across the tables and built of large logs. .... It was a dragon, made like the snake, which the king had brought from Halogaland, but this ship was much bigger and in all respects, more carefully done. The king called the Ormen Lange and the other dragon snake Korte. On the snake was thirty-room, head and tail were guldbeslagna and tables as high as at sea ships. Norway has never been a better ship or with higher costs. "

The battle ended with Olaf lost the battle when he fell into an ambush and most likely he drowned

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