söndag 9 september 2012

Fredriksborgs Castle on Zealand

Fredriksborg castle on Zealand in Denmark was built during the reign of Christan IV.
With it's baroquegarden, on of the finest in northern Eurospe, it is a lovely place to visit.
It is open from the 1 of november to the friday before the Palm sunday 11-15
The rest of the year 10-17.

It is placed at Hilleröd, close to Elsinore.
It was Fredrik II who took over a smaller property, and layed out channels for watersupply.
His son Christian IV, tore down most of the buildings and had a new magnificent castle built in dutch-danish renaissancestyle, probably with help from the builderfamily Steenwinckel.

In 1859 the castle was partly destroyed by fire, but rebuilt. The brewer J.C. Jacobsen, owner of the Carlsberg brewery payed for new inventories.

The castlechurch is the most magnificent churchroom from the renaissance time, in Denmark.

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