tisdag 18 september 2012

The Monastery of Herrevad, the first monastery for monks in Denmark

This chapel is the only remain of the monastery of Herrevad, the first monastery in Denmark, when Scania was part of the danish kingdom.

It was the archbishop of Lund, Eskil, who invited 12 monks and an abbot and some laymen to
Herrevad by the Rönne river to start a cicstercienser monastery for monks in 1144. They came from the cistersiencer monastery in  Citeaux in France. The laymen were farmers and crasftsmen and millers.

The Cistercienser orden was a practical working order, They were placed where there were good natural resources, hydropower, pastures, fishing, forestry and minerals. They were also missionairies and interested in arhcitecture.

Perhaps stoneworkers came fro Lund, when the cathedral was built and helped with the building of the monastery.

After the reformation the property was handed over to the danish magnate Sten Bille, uncle to Tyko Brahe, the famous danish astronomer, who spent a lot of time at Herrevad. Her he also saw Stella Nova

 Sten Bille together with Tyko Brahe constructed the first paperpress in the Nordic Countries 1570. Here the papermill, later called  "Klippan" started which still is active.

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