tisdag 12 juni 2012


In Elsinore, the city of Hamlet, with the castle Kronborg, You can now visit a new sculpture, named He.
It is a male counterpart to the national icon "The little mermaid" in Copenhagen.
The danish-norwegian artduo Elmgreen  and Dragset has made this sculpture in stainless, polished steel.
"He" is placed close to the CultureDocks in the harbour area. "He" sits like te little mermaid on a stone, locking put over the sea. The size is almost the same. It also tells us about togetherness and isolation. All alone on a winters day and admired by many a warm summersday. Once, every hour the statue flashes with his eyes.
The artists were much appreciated at the Venedig Biennal 2009 with "The Collectors" and with "Poweless structures. Fig 101" on Trafalgar Square in London.

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